Note to the Readerp. ix
Forewordp. xi
Acknowledgmentsp. xv
About the Authorsp. xvii
Part IMS: What's It All About?
1What Should I Know About This Book?    Nancy J. Holland, EdD, RNp. 3
2Multiple Sclerosis: An Introduction to the Disease    Charles Smith, MDp. 7
3The Epidemiology of Multiple SclerosisùWho Gets MS and Why?    Kristan J. Aronson, BSc, MSc, PhDp. 21
4Symptom Management at a Glance    Randall Schapiro, MDp. 29
Part IIHow Is Multiple Sclerosis Treated?
5How Multiple Sclerosis Treatments Are Developed    Robert Herndon, MDp. 45
6Considering Options for Managing Relapses and the Disease Course    Aaron Miller, MDp. 53
7Complementary and Alternative Medicine    Allen Bowling, MD, PhDp. 79
8Partnering with an MS Nurse to Enhance Wellness: Key Management Concepts    June Halper, MSN, ANP-C, FAAN, MSCNp. 87
9The Role of Physical Therapy: Strategies to Enhance Mobility and Safety and Conserve Energy    Matthew Sutliff, PT, MSCS, and Francois Bethoux, MDp. 107
10The Role of Occupational Therapy: Strategies to Enhance Independence and Productivity at Home and at Work    Cindy Gackle, OTR/L, MSCSp. 127
11How MS Affects Sexuality and Intimacy    Frederick W. Foley, PhD and Michael A. Werner, MDp. 147
12Speech and Voice Problems: Assessment and Management    Pamela H. Miller, MA, CCC-SLPp. 171
13Swallowing Problems: Assessment and Management    Jeri A. Logemann, PhDp. 183
14Cognitive Challenges: Assessment and Management    Nicholas G. LaRocca, PhD and Pamela H. Miller, MA, CCC-SLPp. 195
Part IIIHow Do Individuals and Families Cope with The Challenges of Ms?
15Coping and Adaptation: Making a Place for MS in Your Life    Rosalind C. Kalb, PhD and Deborah M. Miller, PhD, LISWp. 219
16Emotional Changes and the Role of Stress    Nicholas G. LaRocca, PhDp. 233
17How Multiple Sclerosis Affects the Family    Deborah M. Miller, PhD, LISW and Rosalind C. Kalb, PhDp. 251
18Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Gynecologic Care    rbara Giesser, MD and ria Teresa Benedetto-Anzai, MD and Chael A. Werner, MDp. 269
19Children Get MS, Too    Network of Pediatric MS Centers of Excellencep. 283
Part IVWhat are The Recommended Financial and Life Planning Strategies?
20Maximizing Employment Options    Phillip D. Rumrill, Jr., PhD, CRC and Steven W. Nissen, MS, CRCp. 297
21Managing the Insurance Maze    Kimberly Calder, MPSp. 317
22Thinking Proactively about Long-Term Care    Debra Frankel, MS, OTRp. 335
23Effective Life Planning Begins Now    Laura Cooper, Esqp. 351
Appendix AGlossaryp. 367
Appendix BMedications Commonly Used in MSp. 385
Appendix CAdditional Readingsp. 389
Appendix DResourcesp. 395
Indexp. 403