Acknowledgmentsp. xi
Introductionp. xiii
Part 1What the Keto Zone Diet Is
1Meeting a Real Needp. 3
2Looking Back at Historyp. 17
3Rise of the New Epidemicsp. 29
4Overview of the Keto Zone Dietp. 45
5Benefits of Being in the Keto Zonep. 59
Part 2Why the Keto Zone Diet Works
6The Keto Zone and Your Cholesterolp. 67
7The Keto Zone and Your Carbohydratesp. 83
8The Keto Zone and Your Fatp. 95
9The Keto Zone and Your Proteinp. 115
10The Keto Zone and Your Appetite Hormonesp. 127
Part 3How to Put the Keto Zone Diet to Work for You
11Putting Your Plan into Actionp. 143
12Know Where You Are Aimingp. 149
13Go Shopping for the Right Ingredientsp. 165
14Get in the Keto Zonep. 183
15Stay in the Keto Zone with the Right Menu Plansp. 195
16Discover Your KCL Number to Maintain Your Ideal Weightp. 213
Conclusionp. 223
One Last Word for Those over Thirtyp. 225
Appendix ASupplementsp. 229
Appendix BHealthy Carbs for Finding Your KCLp. 231
Appendix CFor Advanced-Cancer Patientsp. 233
Appendix DFor High-Cholesterol Patientsp. 237
Appendix EFor Autoimmune Disease Patientsp. 241
Notesp. 245