About the AAN's Neurology Now™ Books Series    Lisa M. Shulman, MDp. ix
Preface: Navigating Life with MSp. xiii
1What Is Multiple Sclerosis?p. 1
So What Is Multiple Sclerosis, Anyway?p. 2
What Are the Types and Stages of Multiple Sclerosis?p. 6
What Type of Multiple Sclerosis Do I Have?p. 11
Summaryp. 13
2How Multiple Sclerosis Affects the Nervesp. 15
How the Nervous System is Organizedp. 15
The Immune System and Multiple Sclerosisp. 19
How Does the Immune System Cause Nerve Damage?p. 21
Summaryp. 24
3How Multiple Sclerosis Is Diagnosedp. 25
Clinically Isolated Syndromep. 26
The Initial Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosisp. 30
Putting the Picture Togetherp. 37
Summaryp. 39
4Managing Multiple Sclerosis Symptomsp. 40
How Multiple Sclerosis Affects Mobilityp. 41
How Multiple Sclerosis Affects Sensationp. 54
Issues with Vision and Other Sensesp. 59
How Multiple Sclerosis Can Affect Memory and Other Cognitive Functionsp. 60
Genitourinary Problemsp. 66
Summaryp. 71
5Treating and Managing Multiple Sclerosis: Relapses and Disease-Modifying Therapiesp. 72
Relapsesp. 72
Disease-Modifying Therapiesp. 80
Beta Interferonsp. 84
Glatiramer Acetatep. 86
Reproductive Issuesp. 93
Summaryp. 96
6Lifestyle Managementp. 97
Finding Relief from Multiple Sclerosis-Related Fatiguep. 97
Other Contributors to Fatigue and Sleep Disordersp. 105
How Multiple Sclerosis Affects Moodp. 107
Exercise and Multiple Sclerosisp. 113
Physical Therapyp. 116
How to Work for Wellness with Multiple Sclerosisp. 117
Summaryp. 128
7Reproductive Issues in Multiple Sclerosisp. 129
MS and Pregnancyp. 129
Disease-Modifying Therapiesp. 130
Summaryp. 134
8The Future of Multiple Sclerosis Managementp. 135
How Is Research Conducted?p. 135
Summaryp. 142
9Planning for Your Future: Managing Your Personal Affairsp. 143
Your Emergency Notebookp. 145
Informal and Formal Arrangementsp. 147
Durable Power of Attorneyp. 152
Trustsp. 154
Healthcare Directivesp. 160
Guardianship and Conservatorshipp. 166
Your Willp. 167
Glossaryp. 169
About the American Academy of Neurology and American Brain Foundationp. 175
Indexp. 177