Publishers Weekly Review
Raw foodists, those who don't consume cooked food of any kind, are increasingly common and this useful volume aims to create many more enthusiasts of a healthy "raw" lifestyle. The book's 90-year-old front man, Jay, claims that in 1948 his bladder cancer was eradicated by consuming only fresh fruit and vegetable juice for three months. He has maintained that basic diet, with a few variations, for over 60 years. Here, he and his wife Linda share their earnest enthusiasm and expertise to help anyone incorporate more raw foods and juices into their diets. Among the typical raw recipes of the Kordich household are granola, a breakfast fruit pie, and numerous salad dressings. A few of their recipes contain cooked ingredients, as one of the facets of their approach is to make veganism seem possible for the average American. The couple also provides helpful checklists of essential foods and appliances; they have a new juicer for sale to accompany the new book and many of the recipes depend on access to such equipment. However, even juicer-less readers will benefit from the information and recipes Jay and Linda designed to appeal to beginners and seasoned raw food enthusiasts alike. (Feb.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.