Orchestras; including the National Symphony of Ukraine, Nashville Symphony Orchestra, and Univerity of Kansas Wind Ensemble; celebrate the legendary Morton Gould and his skills in interpreting American culture and channeling it into classical compositions.
1American Ballads~1. Star-Spangled Overture
2American Ballads~2. Amber Waves
3American Ballads~3. Jubilo
4American Ballads~4. Memorials
5American Ballads~5. Saratoga Quickstep
6American Ballads~6. Hymnal
7Foster Gallery~1. Camptown Races
8Foster Gallery~2. Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
9Foster Gallery~3. Canebreak Jig
10Foster Gallery~4. Swanee River
11Foster Gallery~5. Camptown Variation
12Foster Gallery~6. Old Black Joe and My Old Kentucky Home
13Foster Gallery~7. Village Festival - Quadrilles and Waltzes
14Foster Gallery~8. Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair
15Foster Gallery~9. Camptown Variation
16Foster Gallery~10. Hymns: Where is Thy Spirit Mary and The Angels are Singing unto Me
17Foster Gallery~11. Variation on Comrades, Fill No Glass for Me and Kitty Bell
18Foster Gallery~12. Camptown Variation
19Foster Gallery~13. Oh, Susanna (Finale)
20American Salute
21Fanfare for Freedom
22Saint Lawrence Suite~Dedication
23Saint Lawrence Suite~Quickstep
24Saint Lawrence Suite~Chansonette
25Saint Lawrence Suite~Commemoration March
26Jericho Rhapsody
27Derivations for Solo Clarinet and Band~Warm-up
28Derivations for Solo Clarinet and Band~Contrapuntal Blues
29Derivations for Solo Clarinet and Band~Rag
30Derivations for Solo Clarinet and Band~Ride-Out
31Symphony No. 4 'West Point'~Epitaphs
32Symphony No. 4 'West Point'~Marches
33Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Theme
34Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 1
35Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 2
36Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 3
37Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 4
38Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 5
39Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 6
40Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 7
41Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 8
42Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 9
43Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 10
44Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 11
45Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 12
46Jekyll and Hyde Variations~Variation 13
47Fall River Legend~Prologue
48Fall River Legend~Waltzes
49Fall River Legend~Elegy
50Fall River Legend~Interlude
51Fall River Legend~Dirge
52Fall River Legend~Lullaby
53Fall River Legend~Serenade
54Fall River Legend~Axe
55Fall River Legend~Invitation to Church Social
56Fall River Legend~Church Social
57Fall River Legend~Hymnal Variations
58Fall River Legend~Cotillon
59Fall River Legend~Cotillion Coda
60Fall River Legend~Death Dance
61Fall River Legend~Mob Scene
62Fall River Legend~Epilogue