Looking to up the ante on their brand of hard rock sleaze, Baltimore's Charm City Devils return with a bigger and badder sound on their sophomore effort, Sins. Stepping out of the shadows of AC/DC, Charm City Devils explore a heavier, more modern sound on the album, adding a layer of thickness and polish that pushes them more into the world of post-grunge than revivalist hard rock. Sins finds the band showing more emotional depth, with songs like "Walk Away" and the power ballad "All You'll Ever Need" revealing a more vulnerable side that was hidden away by Let's Rock-N-Roll's searing rock bravado. With this more modern sound in place, the Devils take a stab at the nearly 100-year-old traditional tune "Man of Constant Sorrow," updating the folk ballad with chugging guitars and scorching solos as it trudges along like a freight train. While such a big change in their sound might leave fans of their earlier work a bit confused, the more mature sound on Sins is sure to open the Devils up to a whole new legion of potential devotees. ~ Gregory Heaney
3Man of Constant Sorrow
4Still Alive
5Walk Away
6Devil Is a Woman
7Start It Up
8Love N War
11All You'll Ever Need